History of the Light Microscope and Antique Microscopes

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The site is currently building a chronological  record of the history of the microscope.  The instruments are given a very thorough photographic coverage in an effort to provide an internet museum for research into the history of the light microscope

Golub Collection
A selection of historically significant antique microscopes from the 18th and 19th centuries generously donated to the University of California, Berkeley by Orville J. Golub, Ph.D., '44, and Ellina Marx Golub, B.A., '39

Micscapes Main Articles Library
Articles on microscopists including John Benjamin Dancer Dec.95 and Darwin - The Microscopist as well as articles on historical microscopes of Camille Sebastien Nachet   and My favourite microscope - the Cooke, Troughton and Simms. 

American Microscope Makers 19th century journal reprints, patent illustrations, and advertisements for microscopes.
Microscopes of the American Agriculturist Microscopes were offered as subscription premiums.
Robert B. Tolles, American Microscope Maker Famous for his large aperture immersion objectives, Tolles also produced fine microscopes.
From American Artifacts

Antony van Leeuwenhoek and Robert Hooke
From Brian J. Ford

Moody Medical Library's collection of historical microscopes. Here you will find the images and descriptions of over 40 microscopes, ranging from the 1760s through the 1920s.

The Gemmary
Dealer of antique microscopes and microscopy books


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