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NESTA is the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts.






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What amount of work does the Fellowship entail? How much tangible activity is involved? What does the time-sheet look like, in terms of achievement?

From the outset, a day-by-day time sheet has been maintained. From this one can see at a glance how many programmes or articles have been published. You can see the growing list of training courses completed, and a lengthening catalogue of visits to academic institutions and universities.

The summary (right) covers the first phase from February to August 2004. More will be added to the list (the next one is scheduled for February 2005, at the end of the first full year).


    Michrochemical analysis course, Chicago, July 2004.

  • Spent time with 600 listed people
  • Visits to 20 institutes
  • Have given 21 lectures
  • Lecture audiences total over 3000 people
  • Entered 2 competitions
  • 2 Books (or chapters in books)
  • Written 4 Papers
  • Undertaken 3 training courses
  • Have made 7 broadcasts
  • Visits to 10 countries
  • 5 newspaper/magazine reports
  • 40 lectures attended as ongoing training.

    (ABOVE) Table of some statistics for the first six months.