June 21 2000

BBC Director-General Greg Dyke answers listeners' questions: It's Your BBC (Radio 4, 7.15pm)

Radio Choice

Radio 4, 1.30pm

You want cryptic, you came to the right place. It's the return of the quiz that drives me mad every week, though I get even madder if I miss it. I usually listen in the car, so at regular intervals startled fellow drivers see me slapping a hand against my head and shouting "of course!" I expect there is law against all this, but at least I shall enjoy offering my excuse to the magistrates.

Round Britain Quiz, launched in 1947, disappeared from the airwaves for a couple of years, but such was the uproar (and quite right, too) it returned last year. I must say I prefer the new incarnation with a single presenter, Nick Clarke, although many fans miss the days when there was a presenter with each team. The quiz is regional and the present champions are Wales (Peter Stead and Patrick Hannan) who kick off by playing Midlands (Brian J. Ford and Philippa Gregory).

Radio 4, 7.15pm

Yes, it is is your BBC, so why aren't you allowed to know how much the Corporation paid the other day for rights to FA Cup and England international matches? Tonight, director- general Greg Dyke and chairman Sir Christopher Bland are in the studio on the day the BBC's annual report is published to answer questions from listeners.

Perhaps someone will ask about the coyness over the cost of sports rights, perhaps someone else will ask why we are not allowed to know how much the people who run radio networks are paid. You can telephone questions on 0870 010 0444 (lines open at 6pm) or email The programme is about the whole of BBC output, not just radio, so you could, for example, ask why licence payers are financing BBC News 24 even though it is only available on non-digital sets in the middle of the night. Good luck.


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