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BJF, 2008-9, illustrated presentations aboard the Cunard: M/V Victoria, Caribbean Celebration cruise.

BJF, 2009, reviews Science for Primary School Teachers by Helena Gillespie, Rob Gillespie, Open University Press, [in] Journal of Biological Education 43 (1).

King, Meggan, 2008, photograph of Brian J Ford with Nobel laureate Dr Osamu Shimomura, The Microscope 56 (2): 52.

BJF, 2009, The e-learning Imperative The Microscope, 56 (4): 163-172.

BJF, 2009, illustrated presentations aboard the M/V Saga Ruby, African Odyssey, BJF, 2009, illustrated presentations aboard the M/V Saga Ruby, African Oddysey cruise:

Pearson, Mark, 2009, New bus shelter officially opened, Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 18 February.

BJF, 2009, reviews Animal Intelligence, from Individual to Social Cognition [in] Biologist 65 (1): 61.

Elworthy, John, 2009, Anger over hall refusal (report on the deniual of planning permission for the Eastrea Centre), Cambs Times: 7, 20 February.

Report, 2009, Centre funding 'thrown away', Cambs Times: 5, 20 March.

BJF, 2009, Interactive presentations on 'materials' as part of Science Week

Report, 2009, April Fool's prank came true, Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 7 April.

BJF, 2009, discussion of cell intelligence (etc) with Alain de Botton and Paul Fornel [in] The Forum, BBC World Service (recorded 8 April), 0900-1000h, 12 April.

Report, 2009, Microscope sale breaks every Record, Laboratory News: 6, May [see online version].

BJF, 2009, review of R Douglas Fields (ed) Beyond the Synapse, cell-cell signalling in Synaptic Plasticity, Biologist 56 (2): 121, May.

BJF, 2009, illustrated presentations aboard the Cunard: M/V Victoria, V 905 Mediterranean Treasures cruise.

Sailing: Vigo, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Palma, Majorca; Barcelona, Spain; Cannes, France; Civitavecchia (for Rome), Italy; Ajaccio, Corsica; Gibraltar. 6 - 20 May 2009.

Laughlin, Gary, 2009, Rare Leeuwenhoek bids for history, The Microscope 57 (1): ii, June.

BJF, 2009, interviewed by Faye Southwell for BBC Cambridgeshire Television breakfast programme news, 0735, 0755, 0835, 0855h, 11 June (video in archive).

Feature, 2009, Free-thinking Brian is not one for playing by the rules when it comes to science, Peterborough Today on-line, 17 June.

Borrett, Joanna, 2009, profile interview with Brian J Ford (with colour photographs) page 1, page 2 Peterborough Evening Telegraph: 8-9, 18 June.

BJF, 2009, interviewed by Antonia Bricknell on MP's expenses and censorship, BBC Cambridgeshire Drivetime show, 1750-1755, 18 June (video copy in archive).

Jackson, Tom, 2009, Under Fire (report on planning inspector), Cambs Times: 34, 19 June.

BJF, 2009, review of The Elements of Library Research, by Mary W George, Journal of Biological Education 43 (3): 140.

BJF, 2009, presentations for Inter Micro 09:

BJF, 2009, Review of Jordan's Modern Law of Meetings, New Law Journal: 1002, 10 July.

Bonk, Curtis, 2009, Faster than a Ford? [in] The World is Open: 65-69, San Francisco: Wiley Jossey-Bass.

Gray, Hannah, 2009, Peterborough's Famous Faces [with colour photograph of Brian J Ford] Peterborough Evening Telegraph: 8-9, 30 July.

BJF, 2009, Did Physics matter to the Pioneers of Microscopy? [chapter for] Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics 158: 27-87, Editor Professor Peter W Hawkes, New York: Academic Press. [See also illustrations from the Science Direct web site.

BJF, 2009, Reviews The Woman who Walked into the Sea, by Alice Wexler, Biologist 56 (3): 188-189, August.

BJF, 2009, Charles Darwin and Robert Brown – their microscopes and the microscopic image, Infocus 15: 18-28.

BJF, 2009, The microscope of Linnaeus and his blind spot, The Microscope 57 (2): 65-72

BJF, 2009, extracts from BSE, The Facts (1996) in Academic Vocabulary for Intermediate Students: 194-205, Tokyo: Kzai Co Ltd.

Report, 2009, Brian J Ford wins award for micrographs with Robert Brown's microscope, Inter Micro 2009, Microscopy and Analysis.

Silva, Joćo Alcindo Martins, 2009, paper reproducing micrographs of erythrocytes obtained with Leeuwenhoek lens, and microscope image [in press].

BJF, 2009, Early Days of the Microscope, illustrated presentation to West Sussex History of Medicine Society, St Richards Hospital, Chichester, 1100-1200h, 17 October.

BJF, 2009, Plagiarism in Science, Presidential address to Cambridge Society for the Application of Research, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, 1900-2100h, 19 October.

Report, 2009, Brian J Ford on the BBC in 'Do cells think?', report by Institute of Biology, 22 October.

BJF, 2009, illustrated presentations aboard the Cunard: M/V Victoria, Wonders of the Mediterranean cruise.

BJF, 2009, On Intelligence in Cells, the case for Whole Cell Biology, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 34 (4): in press.

Prime, Phil, 2009, Taking on the Beeb (with colour photographs), Laboratory News: 16-17, December.

BJF, 2010, Culturing Meat for the Future: Anti-death versus anti-life, [chapter in] Tandy, Charles (editor) Death And Anti-Death, Volume 7, Palo Alto: Ria University Press.

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