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Wilson, Jill, 2011, Brian J Ford micrograph with Robert Brown's microscope as picture for September, Royal Microscopical Society 2011 Calendar, January.

BJF, 2011, reviews Samuel Fallours, Facsimile of Tropical Fishes of the East Indies, Cologne: Raschen, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society (in press).

BJF, 2011, reviews The Quest for the Invisible - Microscopy in the Enlightenment, by Marc. J Radcliffe, ISBN 978-0-7546-6150-4, xii + 315 pp, Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate Publishing, Biologist (in press).

BJF, 2011, reviews The World of Carolus Clusius: Natural History in the Making, 1550-1610 by Florike Egmond. ISBN-10: 1848930089, ISBN-13: 978-1848930087, 312 pages, London: Pickering & Chatto Ltd, Biologist (in press).

BJF, 2010-2011, Lectures aboard Fred Olsen Cruise Line, M/S Balmoral 'Canary Islands Christmas' cruise:

Austin, Natasha, 2011, Eastrea Trust announces Junior Trainees (with photograph of Tegan Green and George Nutt), Discovering Whittlesey magazine: 7, January.

Fukuoka, Shinichi, 2011, Japanese interview with Brian J Ford about Leeuwenhoek (with colour pictures), ANA Magazine, Tokyo, Japan: 114-116, February. [PDF files available: page 1, page 2].

BJF, 2001, interviewed on Leeuwenhoek by Tony Hill [in] Genius Unrecognised, producer Peter Everett, BBC Radio Four, 1445-1500h, 27 February [interview commences at 4'50"]. See also extract of programme with Brian J Ford on Soundcloud site.

BJF, 2010, Critical Focus (4): The good guide to bad lectures, The Microscope 58 (4): 167-172.

BJF, 2011, reviews Hemlut Schnelle, 2010, Language in the Brain, The Biologist, 58 (1): 41, March.

BJF, 2011, The Clarity of Images from Early Single-Lens Microscopes Captured on Video, Microscopy and Analysis 25 (2): 15-17, March.

Ball, Philip, 2011, Early lenses offered clear images, Nature online, 4 March. [See also: slideshow from Nature News.

Reville, Matthew, Anyone can take Mensa's test [with colour photo of Brian J Ford], Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 14 April.

BJF, 2011, Lectures aboard Cunard, MS Queen Victoria 'Gallic overture' voyage,

Grandpierre, Attila, 2011, cites Brian J Ford's 'Are Cells Intelligent', q.v., [in] Fundamental Complexity Measures of Life, Cornell University, May.

Dickens, Sarah, 2011, interviews Brian J Ford on E coli outbreak in cucumbers, Good Evening Wales programme, BBC Wales, 1745-50, 31 May.

Chanery, J. V., 2011, [quotes Brian J Ford in] The Future of Food, Focus magazine, 229: 44-49, June.

Announcement, 2011, Brian J Ford 'Genius of the Cell' lecture, Irish Examiner, Feelgood, What's On, 3 June.

BJF, 2010, Critical Focus (5): The Leeuwenhoek specimens, The Microscope 59 (1): 11-19.

Announcement, 2011, Brian J Ford Genius of the Cell lecture, Irish Times, Health Plus, 6 June.

Thompson, Sylvia, 2011, Brian J Ford Genius of the Cell lecture, www.irishtimes.com, Online Health Board, 7 June.

Announcement, 2011, Brian J Ford Genius of the Cell lecture, Irish Medical News, Events, 7 June.

BJF, 2011, Outreach public lecture: The Genius of the Cell, Royal Cololege of Surgeons of Dublin, 1900-200h, 8 June.

Report, 2011, on Brian J Ford Genius of the Cell lecture, Morning News Bulletin, Newstalk, 8 June.

Ryan, Clem, 2011, intervews Brian J Ford on Genius of the Cell lecture, Kildare Today, Kildare FM (live interview) 0945-1000h, 9 June.

O'Connell, Muireann, 2011, intervews Brian J Ford on Genius of the Cell lecture, Feedback, Phantom FM (pre-recorded), 1015-1030h, 9 June.

Duke, Seán, 2011, intervews Brian J Ford on Genius of the Cell lecture, Science Spinning, Dublin City FM (live interview), 1530-1545h, 9 June.

BJF, 2011, Intelligent Living Cell, Cheltenham Science Festival, Town hall, Cheltenham, 1800-1900h, 12 June.

Collins, Richard, 2011, Titanic can't steel itself against germs (reports Brian J Ford's Genius of the Cell lecture), Irish Examiner, 20 June.

BJF, 2001, Presentations at Inter/Micro 2011:

BJF, 2011, New theory on Human Origins, Laboratory News: 24-25, July [see also front page promotion].

Prime, Philip, 2011, Questioning Evolution, Leader column on Brian J Ford 'origins of humankind' theory (q.v.), Laboratory News, July.

BJF, 2011, [new edition in simplified Chinese] Sensitive Souls, Senses and Communuication in Plants, Animals and Microbes, ISBN 978-7-300-13877-0, People's Republic of China, Renmin University Press, July.

Report, 2011, New Chinese edition of Sensitive Souls on books.com, August.

Report, 2011, New Chinese edition of Sensitive souls on Baike Baidu site, August.

Report, 2011, New Chinese edition Sensitive Souls on Yahoo Taiwan site, August.

Report, 2011, New Chinese edition Sensitive Souls on Islam Books, August.

Report, 2011, New Chinese edition Sensitive Souls on Danddang site, August.

Report, 2011, New Chinese edition Sensitive Souls on Sino Books, August.

[NOTE: other 3,000 web sites reference this title by September 2011].

BJF, 2011, Critical Focus (6): Cultured meat - food for the future, The Microscope 59 (2): 73-81.

BJF, 2011, Secret Weapons, Technology, Science and the Race to win WWII, 288 pp, ISBN 978 1 84908 390 4, Oxford, Osprey Publishing.

Gaskell, Simon, 2011, On mein Gott, it's her Hitler! Wales on Sunday: 18-19, 14 August.

Adams, Stephen, 2011, How the Allies planned to make Adolf Hitler as nice as his sister, Daily Telegraph: 11, 15 August.

Sims, Paul, 2011, Her Hitler! Daily Mail: 24, 15 August.

Report, 2011, Wartime food plot to create Her Hitler, The Sun: 27, 15 August.

Smith, Richard, 2011, Her Hitler, plot to give female sex hormone to the Fuhrer, Daily Mirror: 22, 15 August.
See also - international news reports on forthcoming book (selection listed):

BJF, 2011, Interviewed on Secret Weapons in The Other One Show, BBC Three Counties Radio, 15 August.

Guru-Murthy, Krishnan, 2011, interviews Brian J Ford on Secret Weapons book, National News, Channel Four Television, 15 August.

Hartman, Christina, 2011, TV report on Secret Weapons book, Huffington Post, 15 August 2011.

Report, 2011, Women's hormones for Hitler, News Room program, CNN Television, 15 August.

Report, 2011, Secret Weapons book on Brazilian National TV, 16 August.

[NOTE: Other broadcast interviews for Australia, Ireland, USA, and British networks, not listed].

Report, 2011, on Secret Weapons book, Community Bloggers, 16 August.

Ortega, Javier, 2011, Report and review of Secret Weapons book, The Power News Blog, 17 August.

Report, 2011, Bizarre plot against Adolf Hitler, World One News, CNN Television, 17 August.

O'Shaughnessy, Gillian, 2011, Report on Secret Weapons book, Afternoons programme, ABC Perth, Australia, 18 August.

Report, 2011, on Secret Weapons book, National News, France 2 National Television, 19 August.

Reports, 2011, Blogs on Secret Weapons book, Regator 'only the best blogs' site, 20 August.

Review, 2011, Secret Weapons [in] Publishers Weekly, 22 August.

[NOTE: Over 70,000 web sites referenced the full book title by 1 September 2011].

Report, 2011, Local author's latest book unveiled, Discovering Whittlesea: 11, September.

Connolley, Shaun, 2011, Zanier than a WWII plot, Irish Examiner, 8 September.

Report, 2011, £50,000 cash injection for Eastrea's new village centre, Cambs Times, 8 September.

Report, 2011, £50,000 cash injection for Eastrea's new village centre, Wisbech Standard, 9 September.

McBurnie, John, 2011, Beware of those bats with bombs, The Weekly News: 7, 17 September.

Review, 2011, Secret Weapons book [on] arrse.co.uk site.

[NOTE: oVer a quarter-million web sites now refer to the Secret Weapons book].

Ward, Albert, 2011, publication of Leeuwenhoek page in Bulgarian, 26 September.

Pearson, Mark, 2011, New book reveals bizarre side to World War Two (with colour picture), Peterborough Evening Telegraph: 23, 28 September.

O'Connell, Claire, 2011, Through a glass brightly, Irish Times Innovation magazine: 38, 30 September.

BJF, 2011, Lectures aboard Cruise & Maritime, M/S Marco Polo 'Baltic Cities and St Petersburg' Cruise.

BJF, 2011, What about the next 40 years? [with colour photo], Laboratory News: 24, October.

Shiels, Natasha, 2011, Eastrea Centre celebrates new cash injection [with colour photo of the Trust], Discovering Whittesea, 87: 35, October.

Higgibotham, Emma, 2011, The author who wants his book banned, Cambridge News: 18, 13 October (open in Adobe Reader, select view\page display\two page view. Alternatively, open as two-page image in JPG format).

Beaumont, Rachel, 2011, Announcement of Meat, the Secret Story of our Greatest Addiction,, [in] Book Catalogue, Oxford: Oneworld Books, October.

BJF, 2011, Impact of Cultured Meat on Global Agriculture, World Agriculture: 43-46, Autumn edition.

BJF, 2011, Presidential Lecture: Secret Science of World War Two, Cambridge Society for the Application of Research, Churchill College, University of Cambridge: 1900h, 17 October (See also announcement on the Cambridge University Lectures site).

[NOTE: Over half a million web sites now refer to the Secret Weapons book].

BJF, 2011, Are Humans Supposed to eat Meat? Inaugural evening lecture, Vegetarian Society, Graham Wallas Room, London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London: 20 October (in preparation). Also see on LSE Students' site.

BJF, 2011, The Biochemistry of Autumn - Why Plants Shed their Leaves, Chemical Society, Pfizer Lecture Theatre, Dept of Chemistry, University of Cambridge: 1900-1800h, 27 October.

BJF, 2011, Critical Focus column: Darwin, the Microscopist who Didn't Discover Evolution, The Microscope 59 (3): 129-137, November.

BJF, 2011, Solving the Mystery of Spontaneous Human Combustion, Laboratory News: 22-23, November. [High-resolution download: Page 1 and Page 2].

BJF, 2011, Secret Weapons of World War II, presentation to Polynous, Trinity College, university of Cambridge, 1045-1145h, 17 November.

BJF, 2011, Secret Weapons of World War II, Lecture for Celebrity Speaker Day, National Army Museum, Chelsea, London, 1445-1545h, 19 November.

[NOTE: Over 682,000 web sites refer to the Secret Weapons book in December 2011].

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