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BJF, 1948-1949, [project] Nature-printing with blue-print paper, Hampshire: Lordsfield School.

BJF, 1949, The Fair, [Poem], Potters bar: Ladbroke School Competition.

Report, 1950, Safety First Week in Potters Bar, [prize winners announced] Hatfield and Potters Bar Gazette, 809: 1, 17 March.

Report, 1950, Miss Annette Mills at Potters Bar (with BJF), Herts Advertiser, March.

Picture feature, 1950, Poster Winners with Annette Mills, Hatfield and Potters Bar Gazette, 811, 31 March. [See also certificate, archive file].

BJF, 1950-1951 [project] Anatomy: the Hand, London: Minchenden School, Southgate, N14.

Announcement, 1951, Salvete, The Petriburgian, Peterborough: The King's School, March.

BJF, 1951, Peterborough Fête, Correspondence Column, Peterborough Standard, June.

Award, 1951, Natural Sciences, School Exhibition, Peterborough: The King's School .

Report, 1951, Music Competition, The Petriburgian, September.

Report, 1951, School Concert, The Petriburgian, September.

BJF, with Hall, Brian, 1952, Halford Miniature Repertory Company [Programmes], Summer.

Report, 1952, Music Concert at School, The Petriburgian, September.

Anon, 1952, The Man in the Bowler Hat, by A. A. Milne [review of BJF in title rôle], Peterborough Standard, October 1952.

Anon, 1952, School Play by Milne [review of BJF], The Petriburgian, December.

BJF, 1952-1953, The Dogsthorpe Chronicle, cyclostyled news-sheet.

Report, 1953, Flame Tests by Ford, Exhibition Report, The Petriburgian, March.

Award, 1953, Exhibit of Skeletons, School Exhibition, Peterborough: The King's School.

Anon, 1953, The Bear [review of BJF in leading rôle], Peterborough Standard, October.

Anon, 1953, Dramatic Society presents The Bear [review], The Petriburgian, December.

[BJF, 1954, Solar eclipse - direct projection experiments].

BJF, 1954-1955, Journey to Mars, Art studies project, Peterborough: The King's School.

BJF, 1954, Aquatics Club [posters and circulars], Peterborough: The King's School.

Report, 1955, Cathedral Model built by Schoolboys, Peterborough Standard.

BJF, 1956, Experiment books:

[in archive collection].

BJF, 1956, Meals [humorous essay], Cardiff: Ymlaen school magazine, July.

BJF, 1956, Dewi House Report, Ymlaen school magazine, July.

Reports, 1956, House Competition (and) Eisteddfod Competition winners, Ymlaen Magazine, July.

Report, 1956, BJF lectures on Bacteria, Ymlaen school magazine, July.

[BJF, 1956, A Naturalised colony of Pteris regia in Sussex, with photographs, 2pp].

[BJF, 1957, Flowering Plants, studies from herbarium numbers: G27 - G259, April-June in archive collection].

Lockley, R. M., 1957, [Poem satirising BJF] The Saga of Johnny MacNab, Ymlaen school magazine, July.

BJF, 1957, Honky-Tonk Blues and Momma don't Allow [Demo discs, 78 rpm], The Ninety-Niners, (with Geoff and Dave Edmunds, Mike Bement, and others), Cardiff, Autumn.

BJF, 1957-1958, Posters for School Scientific Society meetings, [examples in archive file].

BJF, 1958, Sully Island, Fordnance Survey Map 1:750, Summer 1957-1958.

BJF, 1958, Osmunda regalis, a comparative study, A-level botany thesis, January.

BJF, 1958, [Humorous theory] The Hole Truth, Ymlaen school magazine, July.

BJF, 1958-1959, Research Projects:

Cardiff: Medical Research Council.

BJF, 1959, Notes on Anogramma leptophylla: the rare annual fern of the Channel Isles, with water-colour and photograph, 7pp, see archive file.

BJF, 1959, Collections Catalogue:

Bacteria p1 Rotifera p7 Mycology p13 Cycads p21
Algae p2 Mollusca p7 Mycology/hosts p14 Monocotyledons p22
Palaeobotany p2 Annelida p8 Pteridophyta p15 Dicotyledons p23
Protozoa p3 Insecta p9 Filices: spores p16 Bryophyta p24
Coelenterata p4 Crustacea p10  — gametophytes p17 Filices asexual p25
Platyhelminthes p5 Pisces p10  — embryology p18 Press Cuttings p26
Nematoda p6 Histology p11  — anatomy p19 Micrographs p28
Nemertines p6 Histopathology p12  — morphology p20   — [new] p45

Herbarium specimens index:

Rosaceae p31 Carophyllaceae p38 Umbelliferae p36 Scrophulariaceae p36
Cruciferae p34 Papilonaceae p32 Primulaceae p38 Ericacea p37
Rubiaceae p36 Labiatae p35 Compositae p33 Geraniaceae p39

[in archive collection; specimens in herbarium collection]. Gross human anatomy (cardiology, general anatomy, cerebral, etc) not catalogued. See also histology collections.

BJF, 1959, project papers:

[see archive file].

Announcement, 1959, Science and You, a new series starts today, South Wales Echo: 1, 25 September.

BJF, 1959, Science and You: Body Temperature, South Wales Echo: 3, 25 September.

BJF, 1959, Free Verse on Caged love, The Leech [medical students'] Magazine, 1 October.

BJF, 1959, Science and You: Silicones, South Wales Echo, 2 October.

BJF, 1959, Science and You: Fibres for Clothes, South Wales Echo, 8 October.

Reader, 1959, Silicones, Correspondence column, South Wales Echo, 15 October.

BJF, 1959, Science and You: Detergents, South Wales Echo, 16 October.

BJF, 1959, Science and You: Bacteria [NOTE: sub-edited in house from two articles], South Wales Echo, 23 October.

Poster, 1959, Brian J Ford - Rhythm and Blues, Cardiff Jazz Club, Autumn [poster in archive].

BJF, 1959, Science and You: The Anti-Noise Campaign, South Wales Echo, 30 October.

BJF, 1959, Science and You: Aerosols, South Wales Echo, 6 November.

BJF, 1959, Cook to Meet Duke, Broadsheet, (University College Cardiff), 12 November.

BJF, 1959, N.U.S. Report, Broadsheet, (University College Cardiff), 12 November.

BJF, 1959, Science and You: Obesity, South Wales Echo, 13 November.

BJF, 1959, Science and You: Nuclear Power, South Wales Echo, 20 November.

BJF, 1959, New House for the Medics, Broadsheet (University College Cardiff), 25 November.

BJF, 1959, Council Meeting Report, Broadsheet, (University College Cardiff), 25 November.

BJF, 1959, Science and You: Put your Dog on a Diet, South Wales Echo, 27 November.

BJF, 1959, Science and You: Heredity and Genetics, South Wales Echo, 4 December.

BJF, 1959, Science and You: Sleep, South Wales Echo, 11 December.

BJF, 1959, Holiday Scheme, Broadsheet, (University College Cardiff), 22 December.

BJF, 1959, Student Attacked [report], Broadsheet, (University College Cardiff), 22 December.

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