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Anon, 1965, Week In, Week Out [Feature with picture], RadioTimes, 21 January. [Photo reproduced in BBC Blog, 2014 , q.v. ].

BJF, 1965, The Origin of the Lunar Craters, Spaceflight,VII (1): 13-17.

Report, 1965, New Light on Moon Craters, Daily Telegraph(?) January.

Report, 1965, Electricity Cause of moon Craters? [n/a],January.

BJF, 1965, Eine neue Methode zum Verschließen, DerPräparator Zeitschrift, 11 (1): 156-160, January.

Anon, 1965, Gwell graen nag Arfer [review of BJF in Week In,Week, Out], Y Cymro, 21 January.

BJF, 1965, The Rôle of the Erythrocyte in Coagulationand Hæmostasis, [Lecture and 16mm film], 'Living Microscopy',Microcirculation Society conference at the Royal Society, 3 February.

BJF, 1965, Would your Doctor go on Strike? South Wales Echo,12 February.

BJF, 1965, Penderocytes in Human Blood Coagulation [abstract],Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, February.

BJF, 1965, Women's Cancer, the Real Issue, South Wales Echo,12 March.

BJF, 1965, Robot Nurse, South Wales Echo, (?) April.

BJF, 1965, Dust Danger to Cattle, South Wales Echo,8 April.

BJF, 1965, This Doesn't Ring True to Me, South Wales Echo,13 April.

Billing, 1965, The Gentle Dictators with BJF, Radio Times,18 April.

BJF, 1965, Neptune Plan Deserves Success, South Wales Echo,23 April.

Billing, 1965, Week in, Week Out, Radio Times, 23 April.

BJF, 1965, Cancer: BJF Answers Some of your Questions, SouthWales Echo, 7 May.

BJF, 1965, Tortured Animals Talk is so Silly, South WalesEcho, 13 May.

[Readers' Letters] 1965:

South Wales Echo, Correspondence Column, >21 May.

BJF, 1965, Vivisection facts, Correspondence Column, SouthWales Echo, May.

BJF, 1965, The Most Primitive Fossils on Earth? The Rhynie Fossils of Aberdeen, New Knowledge, 8 (4): 1504,May.

BJF, 1965, A Glass Container for the Experimental Rearing of Locusts, Entomologists' Monthly Magazine, 100: 232-233,24 May.

BJF, 1965, Science Writing, The Writer: 7-8, June.

BJF, 1965, Just What Makes an Explosion? South Wales Echo,2 June.

Announcement, 1965, Head Lice, South Wales Echo, 3 June.

Promotion, 1965, Head Lice Article by BJF, South Wales Echo:4 June.

BJF, 1965, Head Lice: The Shocking Facts of Some Cardiff Schools,South Wales Echo, 4 June.

Readers, 1965, Beating the Lice [and] Shave it Off, Correspondence Column, South Wales Echo, 11 June.

BJF, 1965, Sewage on Sand is So Illogical, South Wales Echo,19 June.

BJF, 1965, Micrographic Studies:

New Knowledge, 3 (12): 565, July.

BJF, 1965, The Brain at Work, New Knowledge, 4(4): 628, June.

BJF, 1965, Origin of the Lunar Craters, The Moon, July.

BJF, 1965, I am on Boiled Eggs and Isotopes, South WalesEcho, 8 July.

BJF, 1965, It's a Miracle - Or Is It? South Wales Echo,9 July.

BJF, 1965, Radiation, South Wales Echo, 20 July.

BJF, 1965, Boys and Bombs: The Real Danger, South WalesEcho, 21 July.

BJF, 1965, No, You Cannot Put up a Satellite with a Cannon,South Wales Echo, 27 July.

Anon, 1965, Gonadotrophin article by BJF [promotion], SouthWales Echo: 1, 30 July.

BJF, 1965, Gonadotrophin, South Wales Echo, 30 July.

BJF, 1965, Freddie Mills's Death, preliminary report onforensics etc., Cardiff: 1 August. (See also: Freddie Mills report, 8 September 2017).

Maxwell, R., 1965, Freddie Mills, New Evidence (report), SundayMirror, 8 August.

Billing, 1965, Down the Drain, Radio Times, 22 August.

Anon, 1965, Down the Drain [editorial feature], Radio Times,22 August.

BJF, 1965, I'm Measured for Radiation, South Wales Echo,28 August.

BJF, 1965, UHF: the Benefits and the Snags, South WalesEcho, 1 September.

BJF, 1965, The Technicians in Cardiff this Week, South WalesEcho, 1 September.

BJF, 1965, At Last - the Cash to Clean Up our Beaches, SouthWales Echo, 11 September.

BJF, 1965, Tell Patients about their Drugs, South WalesEcho, 13 September.

BJF, 1965, Flying Saucers: What Evidence? South Wales Echo,16 September.

BJF, 1965, Our Schools Miss Out on Science, South WalesEcho, 24 September.

Poster, 1965, BJF as concert host, Commonwealth Festivalof the Arts, 1 October.

Biography, 1965, of BJF as host of The History of Jazz [Concert],Cardiff: Arts Festival Committee, October.

BJF, 1965, Writing for Regional Radio and Television, TheWriter: 6-8, October.

BJF, 1965, New Observations on the Rôle of the Erythrocyte in Haemostasis, Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society,84 (4): 423-426, October.

BJF, 1965, Micrographic Studies: Blood Groups, New Knowledge,6 (2): 999, October.

BJF, 1965, New Cytologial Observations on Spirogyra, the Structure of the Cytoplasmic Bridles, Biological Journal, 5 (2): 5-8, October.

BJF, 1965, Future Jobs for Lasers, South Wales Echo,19 October.

BJF, 1965, Muscular Dystrophy: A Gloomy Picture, South WalesEcho, 20 October.

BJF, 1965, Guilty Parents who are Killers, South Wales Echo,28 October.

BJF, 1965, The New World of Medicine in 1990, South WalesEcho, 3 November.

BJF, 1965, The Vision in the Window, Liverpool Daily Post,5 Nov.

BJF, 1965, New Drugs from Plants? [International Syndication],Central Press Features, 10 November.

BJF, 1965, Dust Menace in Asbestos, South Wales Echo,13 November.

BJF, 1965, Now is the Time when a Virus May Strike, SouthWales Echo, 17 November.

Foot, David, 1965, The Skeletons Still Rattle, TelevisionWeekly, 25 November.

BJF, 1965, Don't Panic: This Germ is Almost Harmless, SouthWales Echo, 25 November.

BJF, 1965, Computers - This is how they Work in Reaching aDecision, South Wales Echo, 26 November.

BJF, 1965, Sewage Bill, South Wales Echo, 30 November.

[BJF, 1965, Lester - uncompleted novel manuscript, December].

BJF, 1965, When Those Ghosts get Rowdy, Liverpool DailyPost, 7 December.

Anon, 1965, The Beauty in a Snowflake , illustrated with a series of colour micrographs by Brian J Ford, New Knowledge, 5 (5):850.

BJF, 1965, Pediculosis: Mediaeval Problem in Today's Setting,Medical News, 10 December.

BJF, 1965, Poltergeist: Psychic or Psychiatric? MedicalNews, December.

BJF, 1965, Just what is a Poltergeist? Reading Evening Post,December.

BJF, 1965, The Most Primitive Plants on Earth? The Rhynie fossilsof Aberdeen, New Knowledge, 8 (4): 1504.

BJF, 1965, Danger Toys, South Wales Echo, 10 December.

BJF, 1965, How Safe is your Christmas Bird? South WalesEcho, 21 December.

Readers, 1965, Christmas Turkeys, Correspondence column, SouthWales Echo, 22-23 December.

Report, 1965, Wartime Research, Western Mail, 22 December.

BJF, 1965, New Disease from Asbestos, Reading Evening Post,22 December.

BJF, 1965, The Cell Wall: Through Thick and Thin, New Knowledge,8 (10): 1588, December.

Abstract, 1965, New Observations on the Rôle of the Erythrocytein Hæmostasis, Biological Abstracts, 47, 106557,December.


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