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Ford, Brian J., 1976, Hsi-t'e-le mi mi wu ch'i (Chinese edition of German Secret Weapons, translated by Hsien-t'ing Li), Hsiang-Kiang: Ta ming wang shihch'u pan yu hsien kung ssu.

Promotion, 1976, Something Funny about Science, The Listener: Front Cover, 12 February.

BJF, 1976, The Case of the Disappearing Tortoise, Langham Diary, The Listener, 12 February.

Billing, 1976, BJF in A Word in Edgeways, Radio Times, 27 February.

Report, 1976, Germs may come to the rescue of Mankind [report on BJF and microbes], South Wales Echo, March.

Billing, 1976, Wyn Calvin's Nine Five Chat Show [BJF with Lulu and Sue McGregor], Radio Times, 29 March.

BJF, 1976, Is the Medium the Science? Langham Diary, The Listener: 419, 1 April.

Announcement, 1976, Why do we Never see a Scientist who Laughs? quote [in] advertisement for The Listener, Radio Times, national media and elsewhere, 3 April.

Report, 1976, Energy Metal [interview with BJF], South Wales Echo: 1, ?7 April.

Announcement, 1976, Microbe Power by BJF [in] Catalogue of Spring Books, London: Macdonald and Jane's, April.

Report, 1976, Preview of Microbe Power, Publisher' Weekly, USA, June.

[BJF, 1976 Sic Gloria, letter to Nature re phonetics, unpublished, June].

Glick, J. L., 1976, Reflections and Speculations on Regulation of Molecular Genetic Research [quotes BJF's Biohazard paper, 2 August 1974, Nature], Annals of the New York Academy of Science: 178 et seq., June.

Report, 1976, Brian in the Hot Seat, South Wales Echo, 6 July.

Report, 1976, Germ of a bright idea? [in Wales and the World, Western Mail, 7 July.

BJF, 1976, It's your Line Special: The Middle Classes with Brian J Ford in the chair, Radio Times, 7 July.

Report, 1976, Review of It's your Line with BJF, Daily Telegraph, 11 July.

Report, 1976, Review of It's your Line with BJF, The Guardian, 11 July.

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Lewis, R., 1976, Who could Sneeze at Germs like These? [report on Microbe Power], Daily Mail, 22 July.

Blunt, Robert, 1976, Fair play for Microbes [review of Microbe Power], Manchester Evening News, 22 July.

[Stein, Sol], 1976, Questions-Answers [promotional booklet on Microbe Power], New York: Stein & Day, 23 July.

Announcement, 1976, Microbe Power [in] Autumn Books Catalogue, London: Macdonald and Jane's, July.

Anon, 1976, Unseen Allies [review of Microbe Power], South Wales Echo, 23 July.

Poster, 1976, Microbe Power by BJF, London: Macdonald and Jane's, July.

Anon, 1976, Tiny is beautiful [review of Microbe Power], Punch, 28 July.

Anon, 1976, An alternative [review of Microbe Power], The Journal, Newcastle, 29 July.

Anon, 1976, Microbes can Help [review of Microbe Power], Oxford Mail, 29 July.

Advertisement, 1976, Microbe Power, for The Listener, New Scientist, The Ecologist. London: Macdonald and Jane's, July.

Anon, 1976, The Mighty Microbe [review of Microbe Power], Evening Chronicle, Newcastle, 31 July.

Anon, 1976, Magical Microbes [review of Microbe Power], Evening Telegraph, Coventry, 5 August.

BJF, 1976, Map - Sully Island and Swanbridge Quay, 17 August.

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Announcement, 1976, Microbe Power by BJF [Biography and Press release], New York: Stein & Day, 23 September.

Anon, 1976, Microbe is man's Best Friend [review], The Light, Texas, 3 October.

Report, 1976, Researcher claims Microbes mostly Friendly to Mankind, US Syndication by Chicago Daily News, [example from Fort Worth Star-Telegram, USA], 10 October.

Naughton, J., 1976, Love Your Microbes [review of Microbe Power], The Listener, 28 October.

Anon, 1976, Review of Microbe Power, Parade of Books, King Features syndicated review, October.

Fuller, E., 1976, Microbe Power, Plagues, Microbes and Life on Man [review of Microbe Power], Wall Street Journal, New York, 5 November.

Report, 1976, The man who wants Tighter Controls on the Germs of Death, South Wales Echo: Leader Page, 15 November.

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Anon, 1976, Review of Microbe Power, American Literary Association Booklist, 73: 574, 15 December.

Ford, Brian J., 1976, Duitslands Geheime Wapens, Tweeds Wereld Oorlog, [2nd Belgian edition of German Secret Weapons, translation by Uyt den Bogaard], 160pp, ISBN 90-02-12523-2, Antwerpen-Utrecht: Standaard Uitgeverij.

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