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Announcement, 1985, Buffet party for Brian J Ford's 'silver jubilee', Association of Past Students Bulletin, Cardiff:University College, 22 May.

BJF, 1985, [presents] Jensheits Das Kanal, Series of four Documentary programmes on German TV, produced by Dietmar Zimmermann (German dubbed version). Programme subjects:

First Transmission: Summer 1985 (repeated, with new commentary in English, 1986).

BJF, 1985, - V Ichigô, V Unigô, [new Japanese edition of German Secret Weapons, translation by Osamu Watanabe], 208 pp, Tokyo: Kodan Sha.

Roach, Owen, 1985, Trapped within a Cage, (Thesis with dedication to BJF) University of Kent at Canterbury.

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Anon, 1985, Review of Compute, [in] Working Woman, ? July.

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Programme, 1985, BJF Chairs Eureka Conference, 6 August, Queen's College, Cambridge.

BJF, 1985, [paper]: Perspectives, Perspicacity and Perseverance - an Overview of Innovators, Mensa at Cambridge, Queen's College, 0930h, 9 August.

BJF, 1985, [transcribed as] Inventing the Future, Mensa at Cambridge, August.

Lloyd, Tom, 1985, [editor], Report - Independence is the Mother of Invention, [report on Inventing The Future, q.v.], Financial Weekly: 7, 16-22 August.

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Announcement, 1985, BJF Speaker at Old Petriburgians Centenary Dinner, King's School, Peterborough, 21 September.

Ford, Brian J., 1985, Geheime alliierte Waffen, Von der Atombombe bis zur chemischen Keule, [2nd German Edition of Allied Secret Weapons, translation by Leopold Vrba], ISBN 3-8118-4349-4, Rastatt: Moewig.

Award, 1985, Technical Category Photomicrographs, Annual International Photographic Competition, London: Institute of Science Technology, Autumn.

Anon, 1985, Der Experten-Kult, Press Leaflet, Neu - Paul Zsolnay Verlag, Vienna, 26 September.

BJF, 1985, Spontaneous Disintegration of Heat Treated Glass, Forensic Report (with video record) for Myer Cohen, Solicitors, Cardiff, September.

BJF, 1985, Feedback, Start - Magazine for Literature & Arts: 3, September/October.

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BJF, 1985, The Vital Body, dummy presentation, London: Mitchell Beazley.

BJF, 1985, [Delegate to] Symposium: Towards 2000, European Parliament, Strasbourg (Chairman James Burke), 7-11 October.

BJF, 1985, [Correspondent to] Symposium: Food, Nutrition and Health, Maillot Centre, Paris, 9 October.

Report, 1985, Brian J Ford - la Scienzia per il Pubblico, Il Medico: 11, 14 October.

Poster, 1985, A Diet of Dreams, Public Lecture: University of Kent, Canterbury, (Professor John Adams), October.

Report, 1985, La scienzia per il Pubblico, Giornalisti Scientifico: 111, October.

Clark, Margaret, 1985, Eureka! [report on BJF in Chair at Mensa at Cambridge International meeting], Mensa, October.

BJF, 1985, [paper] Food for Body, Food for Brain, Institute of Biology, University of Surrey, Guildford, 23 October.

BJF, 1985, Host to EUSJA visit, London and Home Counties; programme published by Central Office of Information (John Gillan) for Cabinet Office (Tom Buchanan), 28 October - 2 November.

BJF, 1985, [paper] A Diet of Dreams, Keynes College, University of Kent at Canterbury, 1800h, 8 November. [Tape recording in AVM Room, ref: c1360].

Robinson, N. H., 1985, Single Lens [in] Additions to Royal Society Library: 23-26.

BJF, 1985, [report] Steel Research in the European Community, 5pp, for DG XII, Brussels: European Commission, November.

BJF, 1985, [paper] Origins of the Microscope, Cambridge Medical Society, Newmarket, 15 November.

Biography, 1985, BJF [in] The Writers' Directory, 1986-8 edition.

BJF, 1985, The Memorabilia Catalogue, Survey of Instruments, London: Linnean Society, November/December.

Biography, 1985, BJF [in] International Author's and Writers' Who's Who, Tenth Edition.

BJF, 1985, Narrator of: Keeping it Safe, documentary film produced for Nirex by Illustra Films, London. Release date: 16 November.

Ford, Brian J., 1985, Der Experten-Kult, vom Maximalen Minimum [German and Austrian edition of Cult of the Expert, translation by Ralph Restetzki], 232pp, ISBN 3-552-03718-7, Hamburg and Vienna: Paul Zsolnay Verlag, November.

BJF, 1985, [Report] Fibrous Inclusions and Floaters in a Potable Water Sample, investigation commissioned by the Virus Laboratory, London: Thames Water Authority, December.

Report, 1985, De Thuiscomputer: Rage die Overgaat, Eindhovens Dagblad: 25, 13 December

Schuuring, Casper, 1985, Engelse journalist Brian Ford in Nieuwste Boek, Brabands Dagblad: 27, 14 December.

Frank, Arthur, 1985, Lost or Forgotten Microscopes [cites the 'recent discovery by Brian J Ford'], Microscopy, 35: 270-271.

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Metzger, L., [ed], 1991, Biography of BJF [in] Contemporary Authors [new revision series] 15: 131-132, Detroit: Gale Research.


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