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Anon, 1986, review of Food for Thought (with pictures), Scarborough Evening News, 6 January.

Billing, 1986, Food for Thought, Radio Times, [and] Television Times: 57, 6 January.

BJF, 1985, [presents] Jensheits Das Kanal, Documentary Series on German TV, produced by Dietmar Zimmermann (English dubbed version). Programme subjects:

Transmission: Spring 1986 (first transmitted in 1985).

Promotion, 1986, The Food Book, Spring Books Catalogue: 14, London: Hamish Hamilton.

Biography, 1986, BJF [in] Who's Who in Europe: 775, 1986 edition.

Food for Thought - Programme titles:.

Series transmitted January/February/March [Repeat of Series originally broadcast September/October/November 1984, Channel Four].

Report, 1986, Evening with Brian J Ford, Association of Past Students, University College Cardiff, 1 February.

Report, 1986, Christmas Party at Royal Society, ABSW Newsletter: 2, February.

Ford, Brian J., 1986, [Japanese edition] translation of Single Lens, the Story of the Simple Microscope, Tokyo: Hosei University Press, Spring 1986.

Poster, 1986, Brian J Ford and the Early Days of Microscopy, Inaugural Science Night At The Savage Club, 14 March.

BJF, 1986, The Leeuwenhoekiana of Clifford Dobell [Ms paper prepared for] Notes and Records Of The Royal Society, March.

Brown, Olivia, 1986, [cites Brian J. Ford's Single Lens, q.v., [in] Catalogue 7 - Microscopes, Cambridge University: Whipple Museum.

Kleinsmith, Lewis & Kish, Valerie, 1986, Principle Of Cell Biology: 4 [includes van Leeuwenhoek specimen of Elder], New York: Harper-Collins.

Announcement, 1986, BJF and 'The First Specimens for the Microscope' Conversazione Presentation, The Linnean: 3, 30 April (published March 86).

Biography, 1986, BJF [in] Register of Artists, Arts Council for Wales. Cardiff, April.

Entry, 1986, re BJF [in] Media Directory Monthly PIMS, London.

Benson, Martin, 1986, [cartoon of Brian J Ford] Lord Walter Perry House Dinner, London: Savage Club, 18 April.

Billing, 1986, BJF guest celebrity in About Face programme, Television Times (see also Western Mail and South Wales Echo) 21 April.

BJF, 1986, Sheep that shear themselves, [report], Innovations, The Observer, 1 June.

Report, 1986, Election p1; Allen, Frank, Brian Triumphant [Science Night] p4, Drumbeat 15, London: Savage Club, June 1986.

Report, 1986, Brian J Ford awarded grant, Leverhulme Trust Report, June.

Notice, 1986, Guests at Fellows Dinner, University College Cardiff, 6 June.

McNulty, John, 1986, Macroscopic Renaissance Man [profile of Brian J Ford], Mensa Magazine: 5, 6 June

BJF, 1986, Principles and Practice in Scientific Illustration, [paper to] Society of Authors Conference, London, 21 June.

Dyer, Oliver, 1986, [report on] Studio Stunts and Computer Challenge, Aerial, BBC, June.

ffolkes, Michael, 1986, ffolkes' song (poem, refers to BJF), Drumbeat, 19: 8, June.

Report, 1986, Brian J Ford elected Fellow of University College Cardiff, and reference to History Group Committee, Biologist, 33 (3): 146.

S[hirley] A. R[oe], 1986, [Review] Single Lens: The Story of the Simple Microscope, Journal for the History of Biology, 19 (2): 320-321, Summer.

BJF, 1986, [preprint summaries]

Inter Micro 86, McCormick Center, Chicago, July.

Cooke, Peter, 1986, Review Of Single Lens [in] Analytical Chemistry, 58: 1926 (-37).

Report, 1986, Brian J Ford New Fellow, Newsletter of University College, 26: 4, Cardiff, July.

BJF, 1986, Hibernatory Behaviour of the Heterotrichian protozoan Spirostomum, Ehrenberg, Microscopy, 35: 362-364. (See also text only version).

BJF, 1986, [report], Burnt Offering, 'New Directions', The Observer: 32, 17 August.

Darnell, James; Loadish, Harvey; & Baltimore, David, 1986, describe Brian J Ford's Leeuwenhoek research (plus two illustrations) in Molecular Cell Biology: 3, 1187, New York: Scientific American Books, August.

Jarvie, Bruce, 1986, reports 'most enjoyable, convivial' Old Petriburgians dinner, Brian J Ford speaker, The Petriburgian: 55, August.

Report, 1986, On History of Biology Group, The Biologist, 33 (4): 207, September.

BJF, 1986, Las Enfermedades de Transmisión Sexual y Otras que las Imitan [chapter in] El Sexo y la Salud, [Spanish edition of Sex and your Health, translation] editor James Bevan, ISBN 84-320-4570-5, Barcelona: Editorial Planeta, September.

BJF, 1986, Riddle of Rapoport papers (and) Plans for Autumn, Drumbeat 16: 2, September

Billing, 1986, Computer Challenge with Brian J Ford, Radio Times (Wales): 59 4-10 October.

Announcement, 1986, Computer Challenge with Brian J Ford, Western Mail: 2, [and] South Wales Echo: 5, 7 October.

Billings, 1986, Computer Challenge, presented by Brian J Ford

Western Mail, South Wales Echo, Radio Times, Transmission : 6.35pm Tuesdays

First Series

Producer, Huw Brian Williams: Director, Dafydd Roberts.

Billing, 1986, Computer Challenge, Radio Times (Wales): 54, 11-17 October.

Report, 1986, Busy TV Life of Brian, Cardiff Post: 14, 9 October.

Billing, 1986, Computer Challenge, Radio Times (Wales) 21 October.

Billing, 1986, Computer Challenge [in] Western Mail: TV and Radio [and] South Wales Echo: 5, 21 October.

Report, 1986, Dirty Tricks Department, Western Mail: 2, 27 October.

BJF, 1986, Ford, Brian J., 1986, The Food Book, pp152, ISBN 0-241-11834-4, London: Hamish Hamilton, 27 October.

BJF, 1986, Is there Anything Safe to Eat? [leading feature] London Evening Standard: 27-28, 27 October.

BJF, 1986, Mystery Solved [re diatom slide inclusion] Nature, 323: 675, 23-29 October.

BJF, 1986, Even Plants Excrete, Nature, 323: 763, 30 October-5 November.

Sykes, Peter, 1986, Good Cause [review of The Food Book] Oxford Times, 31 October.

[Technology Correspondent, 1986, (telephoned interview) re Plant Excretion theory, Daily Telegraph, 1 November].

Stevenson, Nigel, 1986, Boffin's Theory could rewrite Biology [report on plant excretion theory] Western Mail: 2, 1 November.

BJF, 1986, Lecture [to] Institute of Biology, London, 1 November.

Sams, G., 1986, [also] Taylor, W. E., letters re food article, Correspondence Column, London Evening Standard, 3 November.

Sweeting, Charles, 1986, report on Brian J Ford at the Savage Club, Union Jack Magazine, USA, with cartoon by Michael ffolkes, November.

Gregory, Richard, 1986, [review of Single Lens], Story of the Simple Microscope, Inter-Disciplinary Science Reviews, 11 (3): 318-319.

Davies, Sharon, 1986, (reports) Busy Time for our Flamboyant Scientist, Wales and the World column, Western Mail: 2, 10 November.

BJF, 1986, First reports - European Television and Press, [Visit to Wales by European Science Journalists, September 1986], with Welsh Development Agency, South Glamorgan County Council, Cardiff university, 22pp, 15 November.

McCavoy, Tony, 1986, When the Chips are Down, [reports Brian J Ford on Computer Challenge], Radio Times [Wales]: 90-91, 22 November.

Roberts, Steve, 1986, Top Gear [report on Brian J Ford's 'radical and convincing ideas on education'], Mensa, 24 November.

Reports, 1986, Brian J Ford and entertainments:

Drumbeat, 17, 24 November.

BJF, 1986, The Leeuwenhoekiana of Clifford Dobell, Notes and Records of Royal Society, 41 (1): 95-105, November.

BJF, 1986, Savage Entertainments Nos 1 - 11, London: Savage Club, [No 12 see April 1990].

BJF, 1986, Food Fads and Fashions, Biologist, 33 (5): 268-270, November.

BJF, 1986, How Plants Excrete [abstract], The Microscope, 34 (3): 261, November.

McCrone, Walter, 1986, reports above presentation [in] The Microscope, 34 (3): 261.

Sowden, Stan, 1986, Food and Drink ... for Fun [review of The Food Book], Evening Echo, Bournemouth, 29 November.

Report, 1986, Brian J Ford election to Fellowship [in] Annual Report, University College Cardiff: 9, November.

Anon, 1986, review of The Food Book [in] Country Life: 1887, 4 December.

BJF, 1986, A Physiological Purpose for Abscission, The Microscope,34 (4): 329-330.

Dokumentation, 1986, Jensheits Das Kanals/On the other side of the Channel, Television series released on video cassette, Saarbrücken:Telepool, December.

Anon, 1986, review of 'entertaining Food Book' [in] Sidcup Times, 4 December.

Friedman, Rosemary, 1986, [reports Brian J Ford speaking at authors' conference], Impressions of Nottingham, The Author, Winter.

Anon, 1986, review of Single Lens [in] Microscopy, 35: 483, Jul-Dec.

Wilson, J. R., 1986, Frits Noteboom writes on Brian J Ford, [in] Microscopy, 35: 484.

Note also: letters re plant excretion theory in Nature :-

BJF, 1986, A General Theory of Plant Excretion, Journal of Biological Education, 20 (4): 251-254, [published March 1987]. [Text only version].

Neu, J., 1986, Review of Revealing Lens, Isis, 77: 5.

BJF, 1986, End to the 'ban' on Handshakes, Drumbeat, 17: 2, December.


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