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Billings, 1987, Computer Challenge, presented by Brian J Ford,

Western Mail, South Wales Echo, Radio Times, and others.

Second Series - Transmission: 6.35pm Tuesdays

Producer, Huw Brian Williams: Director, Dafydd Roberts.

Chiles, Michael, 1987, [announcement] Brian J Ford to speak at APS Annual Dinner, University College Cardiff, 9 March.

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Meadows, Jack, 1987, publishes BJF micrograph of Osmunda transverse section with single lens [in] History of Scientific Discovery: 67, Oxford: Phaidon Press.

Sweeting, Charles, 1987, [reports] Brian J Ford at Savage Club, London,

Union Jack Magazine: 9, New York, September.

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BJF, 1987, Artificial tooth & socket Patent 2211416 filed 23 October (published 1989)

[reported, April 1990, London: Sunday Times].

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