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Russell, Nick, 1988, How History can Bring Science to Life [refers to Brian J Ford's Revealing Lens, q.v.,], New Scientist: 65, 21 January.

Biography, 1988, BJF [in] Who's Who in Europe: 817, (edition in French), Brussels: Database Publishing, January.

BJF, 1988, On Avoiding Jet Lag, Nature, 331: 309, 28 January.

Entry, 1988, BJF [in] Directory for 1988, Arts Council for Wales, Cardiff, February,

Extract, 1988, Channel Four TV 'Play for the Future', [repeated 7 September 1989] includes opening from Brian J Ford series 'Computer Challenge', q.v., ?16 March.

Minors, D. D. and Waterhouse, J. M., 1988, Avoiding Jet Lag Again [cites Brian J Ford], Nature, 322: 23-24, March.

[BJF, 1988, Jet Lag Response - unpublished submission to Nature, March].

Announcement, 1988, Mill Park House for sale, advertisement, Western Mail [and] South Wales Echo, 2 April.

Report, 1988, Heart Disease Claim [based on BJF article for Kingsway Public Relations, q.v.], Evening Post, Nottingham, 2 April.

Report, 1988, Little Stinker sets a Poser [with picture of Timothy], I, 5 April.

Greally, John, 1988, Brian Ford Lives Here [feature], Property Mail: 1, 9 April.

Report, 1988, Elusive polecat [Agency News item, this example from]: Cardiff Post, 14 April.

Greally, John, 1988, Brian Ford Lives Here [reprinted with colour picture], Property Mail: 1, w/e 16 April.

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Report 1988, Brian J Ford proposes Sir Clive Sinclair, Drumbeat 22: 1, Spring.

BJF, 1988, Fowl Night (report on Leslie Randall House Dinner) Drumbeat 22: 6, Spring.

BJF, 1988, Savage Letters in 'The Times', Drumbeat 22: 8, Spring.

BJF, 1988, Micrographs of human blood through a van Leeuwenhoek microscope [exhibited at] Cité des Sciences, Paris: La Villette.

Announcement, 1988, Brian J Ford to lecture at Inter Micro 88, Chicago: McCrone Research.

Entry, 1988, Membership List, International Society of Protozoologists.

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BJF 1988, Awarded grant in History of Science, Royal Society News, 4 (9): 8, June.

Lawrence, Fred, 1988, Brian J Ford [poem] MS, from Savage Club, 15 June.

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BJF, 1988 Lectures at Inter Micro 88:

Report, 1988, BJF elected to General Committee, Drumbeat 23: 1, July.

BJF, 1988, Report on Annual General Meeting, p2; Entertainments - Feasts to come, p3;

Sidney Gilliat's House Dinner, p4; Drumbeat, July.

Report, 1988, Radio Man returns to Peterborough, Evening Telegraph, 30 July.

Marshman, Audrey, 1988, (feature) Pastures New for Writer Brian, South Wales Echo, August.

Report, 1988, Eminent Biologist returns to his Roots, Peterborough Standard: 20, 4 August.

BJF, 1988, Entertainment at the Savage, Drumbeat 24: 2, October.

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Anon, 1988, BJF [in] Thora Hird poster, London: Savage Club 7 October.

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Linnean Society of London, British Journal for the History of Science, 21: 489-493 [published 1989].

Report, 1988, Brian J Ford Speech, Magic Circle: 551, November.

Helal, Basil, 1988, Hunter's Sea Creatures [cites Brian J Ford], Transactions of the Hunterian Society, XLVI: 64-65.

BJF, 1989, Model Miracles [report on talk], Drumbeat: 6, December.

Midwinter, Eric, 1988, Poem on Entertainments, Drumbeat: 8, London: Savage Club, December.

McCrone W., 1989, [reports] BJF papers to Inter Micro 88,

The Microscope, 36 (4): 232, 1988.

Biography, 1988, BJF [in] Writers Directory, 1988-1990 edition, London & New York: St James Press.


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