Cruise Year 2016

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Current lecturing contracts for 2016 include around Spain and Gibraltar, Hong Kong
and Singapore; around Britain, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Vietnam and Malaysia.

1: Old Boat bar, Bulgaria. 2: New 'Britannia'. 3: Impromptu talk. 4: Springtime Fjords.

70: Cunard, MV Queen Victoria, World Voyage Caribbean sector
Sailing: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA - Oranjestad, Aruba, Dutch West Indies
Cartegeņa, Colombia - Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala - Los Angeles, California, USA.
21 January-5 February.

71: Cunard, MV Queen Elizabeth, World Voyage Asia sector
Sailing: Hong Kong, China - Nha Trang, Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Marina Bay, Singapore - Penang, Malaysia - Phuket, Thailand.
30 March-7 April.

72: Cruise & Maritime, M/S Marco Polo, Fjordland Splendour
Sailing: Hull, United Kingdom - Bergen, Norway - Møre, Norway - Åldansnes, Norway
Geiranger, Norway - Fläm, Norway - Olden, Norway - Hull, United Kingdom.
15-23 May.

73: Cunard, MV Queen Elizabeth - British culinary cruise
Sailing: Southampton, United Kingdom - Edinburgh, Scotland - Inverness, Scotland Kirkwall, Orkney
Stornoway, Hebrides - Glasgow, Scotland - Belfast, Northern Ireland - Southampton, United Kingdom.
23 June-5 July.

74: P&O M/V Britannia, Western Mediterranean cruise:
Sailing: Southampton, UK - Gibraltar - Cartageņa, Spain - Palma, Mallorca
Barcelona, Spain - Cadiz, Spain - Lisbon, Portugal - Southampton, England.
9-21 October.

5: Eclipse lecture. 6: Queen Mary 2. 7: Briksdall glacier. 8: Manila, Philippines.

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