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Genes - the Fight for Life

From the cover notes

We are entering a new era of biology, as research into the nature of life continually advances. But most of us, lacking formal scientific training, have only the haziest idea of what's going on. Genes: the fight for life looks at developments in the life sciences and tells us all what we need to know, in a style that can be enjoyably understood. Cells and chromosomes, viruses and bacteria, are all carefully explained. There emerges a startling new theory about the origins of behaviour. Human nature, it seems, lies in our cells.

Living cells - what they are, how they work Using cell technology to human advantage Controlling disease What cells reveal about human behaviour Cloning and future genetic research

Brian J. Ford is a Fellow of the Institute of Biology and a University Fellow with extensive academic connections in Britain and the United States. He is best known for his popular science programmes, and for his books which have been published in more than 80 editions world wide.

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