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Publications in 'The Listener'

Report, 1973, Doctors Disagree [report of BJF programme], Out of the Air, The Listener: 778, 6 December. Wade, D., 1974, Re: Science on Radio, The Listener, 5 January.

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Ford, Brian J., 1974, The Scientist and the Public, The Listener: 728, May.

Anon, 1975, Review of Science Now, The Listener, 23 January.

Ford, Brian J., 1975, Cancer Research: An Argument and a New Line of Enquiry, [published transcript], The Listener: 48, 10 July.

Ford, Brian J., 1975, Exporting Pollution [published transcript], The Listener, 18 September.

Anon, 1975, Review of Alcoholism programme, The Listener: 651, 13 November.

Promotion, 1976, Something Funny about Science, The Listener: Front Cover, 12 February.

Ford, Brian J., 1976, The Case of the Disappearing Tortoise, Langham Diary, The Listener, 12 February.

Ford, Brian J., 1976, Is the Medium the Science? Langham Diary, The Listener: 419, 1 April.

Announcement, 1976, Why do we Never see a Scientist who Laughs? quote [in] advertisement for The Listener, Radio Times, national media and elsewhere, 3 April.

Ford, Brian J., 1976, Microbes and Mickrophones, Langham Diary, The Listener: 830, 16 September.

Naughton, J., 1976, Love Your Microbes [review of Microbe Power], The Listener, 28 October.

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Ford, Brian J., 1980, Travel Narrows the Mind, [extract transcribed for publication], The Listener.

Naughton, John, 1984, Minorities, Myths and Menus [Review of Food for Thought], The Listener: 35-36, 13 September.

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