Selection of Photographs

Some public appearances

Dinner speaking Institute of Biology conversazione

1) Brian J Ford as guest of honour in Cardiff
As a young author, Brian spoke on his book Nonscience, a critique of science, at a major event in Cardiff.

2) The Institute of Biology's inaugural Conversazione
Brian J Ford, since elected a Member of Council at the Institute of Biology, and Chairman of the Committee for the History of Biology, arranged the Institute's first-ever Conversazione in South Kensington.

As van Leeuwenhoek in Chicago Kohler medal winner

3) 'Leeuwnhoek' appears in Illinois
Wearing authentic costume from the Netherlands of the seventeenth century, Brian J Ford appeared recently in Chicago in the guise of microscope pioneer Antony van Leeuwenhoek. He is seen here with Nancy Daerr, organiser of the Inter Micro conferences, and Professor Walter McCrone, President of the McCrone Research Institute, who host the annual gathering.

4) Award of the 1997 August Kohler medal
Brian J Ford was the recipient of the inaugural Kohler Medal, awarded for excellence in optical microscopy. This photograph was taken by Joe Barabe in Chicago.

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