Selection of Photographs

Travels and Culture

In Arab dress Stilt home, Thailand

1) The traditional arab feast - sheep's eyes
In traditional Saudi dress (a gift from a prominent Jeddah businessman) Brian J Ford removes the eye from a sheep's head, a gesture of politeness to one's host. 'It tastes, well, like lamb,' was Brian's verdict.

2) Traditional lunch on a stilt house in Thailand
Whilst lecturing at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, Brian J Ford experienced life in the stilt river home where family of the Dean of Science still lived, in a traditional village near the old capital Si Ayutthaya.

Writing at Sully Island Experiments in Utrecht

3) Writing at the coast in South Wales
Swanbridge, South Glamorgam, provided a secluded retreat for summer breaks and for intensive writing sessions. Brian J Ford, working here on Cult of the Expert, frequently used these peaceful surroundings as a stimulus to 'clear thought and uninterrupted endeavour' .

4) Experiments on the Dawn of Microscopy
With the help of technicians at Utrecht University, who worked from his sketched designs, Brian J Ford assembled a purpose-built stand to take photographs through Leeuwenhoek's seventeenth-century microscope.

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