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A Personal View

NOTE: Several alternative possible sites, including Farnborough and Birmingham, were considered for this project. Eventually the Chairman was unable to finalise arrangements for the site at Derby Pride, and the company was dissolved in 1998. The concept has been adapted by later applicants, but remains on this web site as an archive item.


This centre will celebrate a crucial concept: Britain gave science to the world. Steam power and electricity made us the world’s first science-based society, and British discoveries from antibiotics and nuclear energy to the double helix of dna and jet power have given the world the modern era. Many of the greatest names of world science studied in British institutes. The Science Centre embraces the new millennium in a unique spirit of excitement. Conventional science centres are well-established, and now we need the next generation of interactive establishments. The new Science Centre is the answer.

Science is crucial for the young. Their games and pastimes are rooted in the products of science. Now, the communications super-highway is bringing us new ways to locate distant truths. Our lives are liberated through the work of scientists. Today, more than ever, we need to mark Britain’s place in the realm of science. The Science Centre will be a world leader in its field. It will be a show-case, not just for inventions, but for the magnificent cultural achievements of science. Careers advice, new techniques, rare documents and priceless specimens, recent findings and the latest news on revolutionary drugs will be available. Current experiments, genetic and health data, astronomical findings and the latest papers will be the life-blood of this vital and exciting site. On-line connections and animated screens will bring the state of science to the forefront of our lives.

As an educational resource the Science Centre will be unmatched. The teachers’ centre will generate revenue, by providing the latest continuing professional training for all science teachers. Every science journal will be listed. Visitors can interrogate leading laboratories; exhibits will constantly change as our perspectives alter. Advice on a garden pest, a genetic hazard, the current health scare, a new food additive or the latest supernova will be instantly available. So will patent support, with contacts bringing venture capitalists and innovators together. Careers advice will be available in a lively atmosphere of social contact and interactive freedom. Guest speakers will cover the realm of science in all its forms, and large-scale cinemas, three-dimensional displays, working models and animated presentations will make science come alive as never before. There are many regional centres which display our industrial and technological heritage, and hands-on museums which give young visitors a chance to try their skills. We now take the concept into a new age. meanwhile, the latest details of every existing science museum will be available at the Science Centre.


Brian J Ford, Member of Board of Directors

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