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From: McCrone, Walter, 2000, review of BJF presentations at Inter Micro 2000, The Microscope, 48 (4): 135, 148.

Chicago: 26 June 2000

An Evening with Brian

Has Food a Future?

Brian J. Ford

This is a lecture for everyone who eats. Brian says that almost everyone he has ever met eats (he has met only one person who didn't). Will there be enough food to feed us in the future? Do we need genetic modification? Brian paints a positive picture of the future of food, and emphasises how microscopes are an essential component of the burgeoning food industry.

PROFESSOR McCRONE COMMENTS: Brian inspires all of us to be better and more-rounded microscopists with his scholarly approach to the subject he chooses. 'Eclectic' is a word to express that scholarly approach but it doesn't do his justice when one considers the psychology, physiology, science and humanities content he blends into his presentations. Some of us attend I/M because we don't want to miss Brian's multiple contributions to its success. As soon as cloning humans is routine we'll start cloning Brian to maintain 'his' presence at future Inter/Micro's.

Chicago: 1 July 2000

Kawasaki - motorcycle, or threat to life and limb?

Brian J. Ford

Research has progressed from bacterial diseases to viral infections, and on to the prion. Yet some diseases seem to show bacterial symptoms - but without the bacteria. One recently-discovered syndrome poses a unique challenge for microbiologists. We are becoming acquainted with the symptoms - but what can be the cause, and who will find it first?.

PROFESSOR McCRONE COMMENTS: Brian helped I/M 2000 get off to a good start on Monday and now he finishes it with a bang on Thursday. I wondered too late to ask him whether a Kawasaki syndrome that suddenly kills very young babies could be the culprit in the up-to-now mysterious sudden deaths of babies in their cribs, now usually attributed to suffocation.

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