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Future of Food (Lithuania)

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  • Regular column Critical Focus in The Microscope journal.
  • Sample text from Finding Genius: Understanding Viruses audiobook.
  • Article for Laboratory News, 2020
  • Compilation: The NESTA Reports (73 pages).
  • Feature article in The Big Issue, 2019.
  • Dinosaur theory in Too Big to Walk, published in May 2018 by HarperCollins.
  • Intelligent cells theory in Cellular intelligence: Microphenomenology
    and the realities of being
    published by Elsvier in 2017.
  • Translation in 2016 of Secret Weapons into Chinese in Beijing.
  • Regular column Critical Focus in The Microscope, published in the USA.
  • New Spanish translation of Secret Weapons published in hardback.
  • New edition of Secret Weapons in paperback.
  • New edition of Sensitive Souls in the People's Republic of China.
  • Secret Weapons published by Osprey books.
  • Paper on A New Era of Whole Cell Biology in London (2010).
  • Article on Single Cell intelligence (2010).
  • Guest column Expert Bookshelf, Cells and Microbes for Focus magazine (2010).
  • Article for New Scientist on The Secret Power of the Single Cell (2010).
  • Lecture on The Cheat and the Microscope - Plagiarism over the Centuries, published in USA.
  • Paper on Charles Darwin and Robert Brown their microscopes and the microscopic image (2009).
  • Research paper The microscope of Linnaeus and his blind spot for The Microscope (2009).
  • New book chapteer for USA, Culturing Meat for the Future: Anti-death versus anti-life, in the USA.
  • Book chapter on Physics and Microscopy (2009).
  • Paper on e-learning in The Microscope (2009).
  • Paper on Inter Micro - the first sixty years(2008).
  • New paper on Intelligence in Living Cells for Royal Microscopical Society (2008).
  • Book chapter on Robert Hooke (2007).
  • Chapter on Antony van Leeuwenhoek (2007).
  • Chapter on microscopy and neurology (2007).
  • Report for Encyclopaedia Britannica on avian 'flu (published 2006).
  • Paper on the 'ingenious cell' concept (2006).
  • Paper on the discovery of Giardia (2005).
  • New threats of disease: book chapter and journal paper.
  • Foreign editions - Future of Food in Italian, Spanish, German and Lithuanian.
  • Nesta manual: Using the Digital Microscope for schools.
  • Welsh edition: Defnuddio'r Microsgop Digidol from Rothay House.
  • First retail edition of the English edition now available.
  • Edited volume GM Crops, the Scientists Speak just published.
  • Revising scientific sections of Encyclopaedia Britannica.
  • Trouble on the Hoof, chapter on BSE and foot and mouth disease for Encyclopædia Britannica
  • Chapter on new and emergent diseases - from a lecture at Cambridge University.
  • Japan: Sensitive Souls due out in Tokyo.
  • Switzerland: Future of Food in in German translation.
  • China: NEW EDITION in Chinese.
  • Brian's book signing on the QE2 (New York/Miami/Madeira/Portugal/France; and New York/Caribbean/Panama/Mexico/Los Angeles).
  • New edition of German Secret Weapons in Japanese.
  • Recent tour of Japan: Yokohama, Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, etc.
  • Baltic lecture tour: Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Gdansk, Warnemünde, Copenhagen, Amsterdam.
  • United States: Secret Language of Life, US edition of Sensitive Souls, first published in London.
  • 'John Ray' and 'Fellows and Microscopy' - papers for The Royal Society.
  • [Chapter in] Millennium Yearbook for Encyclopædia Britannica 2002.
  • [Chapter in] Millennium Yearbook for Encyclopædia Britannica 2003, in preparation.
  • Eighteenth Century Scientific Publishing (book chapter), New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003.
  • Book: Future Food, with major features in Britain and America.
  • Book: Institute of Biology - the First Fifty Years launched at the House of Commons.
  • Secret Science in World War Two, Television film for Documedia, Hollywood, currently on satellite TV.
  • Scientific Illustration in the Eighteenth Century (book chapter) in Scientific Books, Libraries and Collectors, London: Thornton and Tully.