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Television 06 Prof Ford and Adam Hart-Davis With David Attenborough 

(1) Channel 4 TV. (2) with Adam Hart-Davis, BBC. (3) Sir David Attenborough. (4) Acceptance Speech.

1: Commenting on 'The Great Dictators' on Channel 4 television. 2: Brian and Adam have appeared together for the
BBC on television and radio. 3: Brian presented his long-standing friend David Attenborough with Honorary FIBiol
at the Royal Society. 4: Acceptance speech for the award of Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Microscopical Society.

Plans for 2022
The year began with publications on the nature of the omicron covid-19 virus, a video podcast on unusual approaches
to science, a brief newspaper report on the research into spontaneous human combustion, and discussions for new books
on van Leeuwenhoek and also reprinting the Critical Focus column from The Microscope journal. Link here to current
publications and lectures. New lecture cruises were considered, starting in April, 2022, embracing Miami and Barcelona;
Funchal and Rome; Ibiza and Valencia; Marseilles and Lisbon; Tangier, Cadiz, Gibraltar, and elsewhere.

Activities for 2021
A new TV documentary on Brian's research into spontaneous human combustion was broadcast in Spring 2021.
Current microscopical research includes marine phtyplankton, blood coagulation and the effectiveness of facemasks.
A growing schedule of lecture cruises has been unavoidably cancelled, though the column in The Microscope continued
and the annual "An Evening with Brian" at Inter/Micro in Chicago took place as usual, this time with a
multimedia presentation online.

News for 2020
HarperCollins published the second edition of Too Big To Walk and Curtis Press published Nonscience Returns. The 2020
"Evening with Brian" was announced by the McCrone Institute of Chicago, and was given as an online presentation
after the Covid-19 pandemic struck. The New York Microscopical Society presented Brian with their Ernst Abbe Medal
in an online celebration, and a lecture cruise across the Caribbean Sea with Seabourn was the final speaking tour
prior to lockdown. See also the regular column 'Critical Focus' in the American journal The Microscope.

Here is a new theory on spontaneous human combustion, the theory on aquatic dinosaurs published in Laboratory News and the documentary 'Future Family' for Channel Five Television. You can link to scientific and general bibliographies, articles and lecture cruises sorted by year. Activities and publications are listed to 2020 and there's a list of web pages that link to this site. Read a Fellowship research. Read about falling exam standards and haematology, the development of the microscope and a full Leeuwenhoerk bibliograohy, research on forensic science, the control of biohazards, behaviour of protozoa, and dissatisfied scientists. There are publications in journals like New Scientist and Nature, and books like Images of Science, and BSE: The Facts, while Genes and the Fight for Life was first reviewed on the web. Pages include GM Crops and Sensitive Souls and the Future of Food in Britain, America, Italy, Spain and Germany. Work on head lice and photomicrography experiments appears with a new space microscope for the European Space Agency. Other research covers water safety and photoremediation, Brownian Movement as Robert Brown saw it in 1828, a major paper on Leeuwenhoek and a new Leeuwenhoek bibliography of 300 items. There's a profile from California and a review from Illinois, even flying saucer photographs.

See personal and press pictures, and world maps with ports of call. The specialised lists include TV programmes from 'Newsnight' to 'Sky News'. An early newspaper column leads to the books index. There's the Soho magazine Boz, columns in the Mensa Magazine in 1972 and 1994-1996. Listed programmes include Round Britain Quiz and Science Now on radio, with Food for Thought (see also 'food' publications index) and Computer Challenge on TV. The original home page from 1996 is still here, with millennium presentations including Science Hour live on LBC.

The books start with German Secret Weapons and scientific papers are listed for the 1950s (4kb), 1960s (14kb), 1970s (16kb), 1980s (20kb), 1990s, the (36kb) 2000s and from 2010. Some published comments are listed; just click the PRESS button.

We link to the BBC April Fool's joke in which Brian, as 'Dr Dieter Zimmermann', introduced the new Euro Anthem to replace 'God Save the Queen'; follow an April Fool's day joke for television, a BBC interview on foot and mouth, and a page on the BBC's Round Britain Quiz. Some lectures are now listed by journal, and the main Index now links to over 4,000 pages and images. To our surprize, this site receives a million hits every quarter, sometimes logging up to 38,000 per day.

Recently in Print

Article looking back on fifty years in microcopy for the Royal Microscopical Society.
Column in The Microscope magazine on the fifty years from a USA viewpoint.
After-dinner speech to the Natural Sciences students at Caius College, Cambridge University.
Nature Online reports research on images from the earliest microscopes.
New theory solving the mystery of spontaneous human combustion in Laboratory News.
Article on cell intelligence for New Scientist magazine, (2010).
Chapter for new book on cultured meat published in California (2010).
Paper 'On Intelligence in Cells; the Case for Whole Cell Biology' (2009).
Chapter 'Did Physics Matter to the Pioneers of Microscopy?' (2009.)
Paper on 'The e-learning Imperative' in The Microscope, 2009, 56 (4): 163-172.
Microscopical substantiation of Intelligence in Living Cells, In Focus, Royal Microscopical Society 12: 6-21.
Intelligence in Living Cells, and the Inter Micro Conference, the First 60 Years, The Microscope 56 (2): 67-85 (2008)
Chapters in The Great naturalists, London: Natural History Museum, (2008)
New Chinese edition of SENSITIVE SOULS (2008)
Sir Colin Spedding's new book The Second Mouse gets the Cheese (2005)
New edition of History of The King's School, Peterborough (2005)