Some Radio and Television programmes

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Brian on ITN, 1966 Brian on German TV Live

On ITN (1966). Host of 'Jensheits des Kanals' (1986). Live on Sky News (1999).

Brian in 2009 Discovery Channel, 2014 Brian on ITV 2015

Weird Weapons of WW2 (2009). Discovery Channel (2014). On News at Ten (2015).


  • Expert narration for Is She Really Going Out With Him?

  • Commentary for The Man Behind The Da Vinci Code.

  • Guest spots on Telethon and National Lottery etc.

  • Take Nobody's Word for it

  • Computer Challenge

  • Sky Television News

  • Food for Thought

  • 'Good Morning'

  • Breakfast TV

  • Newsnight

  • Panorama

  • Watchdog

  • Wise Up

  • and others in France, Korea, Singapore, Germany, Japan, the USA, etc.


    'Science Now' (1974). BBC Westminster studio (2000).

  • BBC Today programme and You and Yours.

  • Where Are You Taking Us?

  • The LBC Science Hour

  • The Danny Baker show

  • Round Britain Quiz

  • 'Any Questions?'

  • Dial a Scientist

  • You and Yours

  • Kaleidoscope

  • It's Your Line

  • Science Now

  • Today

  • and others in Europe, Australia, the USA, India, Thailand, Tonga and Austria, etc.

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