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Nonscience (eng)

Nonscience and the Pseudotransmogrificationalific
Egocentrified Reorientational
Proclivities Inherently Intracorporated
In Expertistical Cerebrointellectualised
Redeploymentation with Special Reference
to Quasi-Notional Fashionistic
Normativity, The Indoctrinationalistic
Methodological Modalities and Scalar
Socio-Economic Promulgationary
Improvementalisationalism Predelineated
Positotaxically Toward
Individualistified Mass-Acceptance
Securipermanentalisationary Professionism,
How To Rule The World,

a quasi-official report, 206 pp, ISBN 72340449-6,
London: Wolfe, September 1971.

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