Published Critiques:

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A selection of academic reviews

From: Bulletin of the History of Medicine (1993) 67: 210-211.

“Dissatisfied with the tendency in modern science towards narrowness, fascination with high technology, obscurantism and zeal for publishing, Ford sets out [to] recommend an approach to science based on the natural philosopher’s desire to understand, clarify and communicate.”

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From: Les frauduleux, Science and the Crisis of Representation, Journal of Communication (1996) 46 (1): 159-168.

“Brian J Ford comes at the topic inductively . . . Ford is an extreme realist [who] demonstrates that rich, detailed observations often contradict theory. His attention to detail teaches a valuable lesson . . .’”

* * *

From: The Microscope (2000) 48 (4): 135.

Brian inspires all of us to be better and more-rounded microscopists with his scholarly approach to the subject he chooses. 'Eclectic' is a word to express that scholarly approach but it doesn't do his justice when one considers the psychology, physiology, science and humanities content he blends into his presentations. Some of us attend I/M because we don't want to miss Brian's multiple contributions to its success.


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