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The Secret Language of Life

How Animals and Plants Feel and Communicate

Secret Language

320pp, ISBN 0 88064 254 8, New York: Fromm International

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Review from Amazon

Man, the crown of creation, has set himself apart from other life-forms, regarding animals and plants as dumb and insentient. Now a pioneering scientist tells us how wrong we have been. In an engrossing tour of the many species we share our planet with, Brian J. Ford reveals how all living things feel and communicate with one another in ways that, though mysterious to us, are very real. He cites a growing body of research to show that we are surrounded not by brute beasts we can use at will but by sensitive souls with emotions and responses we must respect. We are taught-wrongly-that dreams are unique to humans. Our animal relatives dream, too, and have done so since long before we as a species existed. Do animals feel pain? The weight of scientific evidence shows they do. Mammals have languages of their own to transmit inner feelings-aggression, fear-to their fellows. Birds show astounding cognitive ability, conducting elaborate courting rituals and displaying great passion and devotion to lifelong partners. Ford's fascinating and entertaining narrative shows that within each species, whether insect, fish, plant, or even microbes, life exists in glorious and surprising variety, rich in sensation and creating a marvelously complex web of interaction with its surroundings. This exciting and thought-provoking book marks a timely revolution in popular scientific thought.

Brian J. Ford is the author of books dealing with scientific subjects, including Images of Science, The First Encyclopedia of Science, and Microbe Power-Tomorrow's Revolution. His scientific discoveries are featured in major science textbooks.

Secret Language of Life Customer Comments:

Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI. Rating: *****

Informative range of insights into wildlife communication, January 22, 2001:

'How do animals and plants feel and communicate their feelings? This presents a growing body of research which demonstrates that animals - and plants - have emotions and responses just as valid as human feelings. From birds and how they see to homing frogs and their shared communities, this packs in a range of insights on wildlife communications processes.'

Reviewer: A reader from MA. Rating: ****

'An insightful and entertaining book that touches on a subject rarely spoken of, but often thought about: do other life forms think, feel and communicate as we do? In fact they do. All lifeforms can communicate with one another, the only problem is we can't always understand the other lifeforms language, and if we all took the time to learn one anothers language, all life would live in harmony.'

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