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Biography, 2015, [in] English Radio Presenters reference volume, Books LLC Publications, January.

Report, 2015, Secret Weapons published in Spain (with colour photograph), Discovering Whittlesea magazine 126: 19, January.

BJF, 2015, illustrated presentations aboard MV Minerva, Islands of East Asia cruise

BJF, 2015, Special Report: Deepening mystery of the disappearing microscope, Laboratory News, 10 February. See also on-line version.

BJF, 2015, The Year of the Dinosaur, illustrated presentation at Wallace Lecture Theatre, Science Centre, Singapore, 1330-1430h, 14 February.

Announcement, An Evening with Brian [in] Inter/Micro 2015 program, Chicago: McCrone Research Institiute, 20 February. See also preliminary program and on-line version, 21 February.

BJF, 2015, review of Wild Again by David S Jachowski, The Biologist 62 (1): 33, February.

BJF, 2015, Critical Focus 20: The hidden Secrets of Snowflakes, The Microscope 62 (4): 11-181.

Monro, Philip and Prime, Philip, 2015, Comment letters (re Leeuwenhoek microscopes article), Laboratory News: 3, March.

Monro, Philip and Prime, Philip, 2015, Comment letters (re Leeuwenhoek microscopes article), Laboratory News: 3, March.

Thornhill, Ted, 2015, quotes Brian J Ford research [in] Indian mother claims her baby boy 'spontaneously combusted', Mail Online, 4 March.

Roberts, Gareth, 2015, quotes Brian J Ford research [in] Mum 'set fire to both babies for attention and blamed spontanenous combustion', Daily Mirror online, 4 March.

  • Lane, Nick, 2015, discusses Brian J Ford's Leeuwenhoek research in The Unseen World, reflections on Leeuwenhoek (1677) 'Concerning little animals', Philosophical Transactions B, 370: 1666, DOI: 10.1098/rstb.2014.0344, 6 March.

    Report, 2015, quotes Brian J Ford research [in] Rajeshwari Karnan - mother claims burned spontaneously combusted, The Inquisitr, 4 March.

    BJF, 2015, PowerPoint presentations for Cruise and Maritime Voyages, MS Marco Polo, Solar Eclipse and Northern Lights cruise:

    Caster, Yvette, 2015, cites Brian J Ford WWII book, VE Day 2015: 12 things you never knew about World War II Metro, 8 May.

    BJF, 2015, Illustrated presentations aboard P&O MV Britannia, B507: Norway, Romsdalsfjord & Nordfjord cruise:

    Coughlan, Andy, 2015, Leeuwenhoek's animalcules just as he saw them 340 years ago, New Scientist online, 20 May.

    lgaxiola, 2015, Spanish version of above article: Leeuwenhoek “animálculos”, como él vio hace 340 años, Social News Latino, 21 May.

    Sanderson, Michael J., Ian Smith, Ian Parker, Martin D Bootman, 2015, cite Antony van Leeuwenhoek, microscopist and visionary scientist [in] Fluorescence microscopy, Cold Spring Harbor Protocols K 01/2014; 2014(10):pdb.top071795.

    Report, 2015, El vendedor de paños y el mundo microscópico, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, Cienciaes web-site, May.

    Report, 2015, Researcher photographs Leeuwenhoek animalcules after 340 years, Blastr site, 22 May.

    BJF, 2015, The incredible, invisible world of Robert Hooke, The Microscope 63 (1): 23-34, May.

    BJF, 2015, Two new Leeuwenhoek microscopes? The Microscope 63 (1): 35-36, May.

    BJF, 2015, The mystery of the microsocope in mud, Nature 521: 423, 23 May.

    Elliott, Chris, 2015, Cambridge professor Brian J Ford pioneers work on Leeuwenhoek microscope, Cambridge News on-line, 26 May.

    Elliott, Chris, 2015, Discoverer of an Unseen World, Cambridge News: 17, 27 May.

    Report, 2015, Newly discovered Leeuwenhoek microscope, News and Notices, London: Quekett Microscopical Club, 28 May.

    Keulemans. Maarten, 2015, Delftse 'moddermicroscoop' mogelijk echte van Leeuwenhoek, Der Volkskrant: 7, 29 May. [See also on-line version, 29 May].

    Jha, Alok, 2015, report on new Leeuwenhoek microscope found, News at Ten, ITV London, 2230h, 3 June. [See also frame grab from the interview].

    BJF, 2015, illustrated presentations at Inter/Micro 2015:

    Robertson, Lesley, 2015, Finding more van Leeuwenhoek microscopes, Delft School of Microbiology blog, 23 June.

    Allis, Jeremy, 2015, interviews Brian J Ford on Leeuwenhoek microscopes, spontaneous human combustion and aquatic dinosaurs, Lunchtime Live, BBC Cambridgeshire, 1230-1300h, 23 June.

    BJF, 2015, New protocol for old microscopes, Laboratory News, July 3: 20-21.

    López-Goñi, Ignacio, 2015, Los microscopios de van Leeuwenhoek, Investigation y Ciena, SciLogs, 7 July 2015.

    López-Goñi, Ignacio, 2015, Os microscopios de van Leeuwenhoek, Departamento de Fisica e Quimica blog, 12 July 2015.

    Robertson, Lesley A., 2015, And then there were 12 - distinguishing Van Leeuwenhoek microscopes from old or new copies, FEMS Microbiology Letters, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/femsle/fnv113, 13 July.

    Gimeno, Maite, 2015, Un vigués se hace en eBay con el microscopio más antiguo del mundo, El Correo Gallego: 42, 14 July. [Online version at elCorreoGallego site.]

    Report, 2015, Vigo acogerá uno de los modelos de microscopio de Anthony Van Leeuwenhoek, Radio Vigo annoucement, 15 July.

    Report, 2015, Vigo expondrá uno de los diez microscopios más importantes de la historia de la microbiología, La Voz de Galicia on-line, 15 July.

    Report, 2015, Vigo exporá un dos dez microscopios "máis importantes da historia da microbioloxía no mundo", Xornal Vigo, 15 July.

    Report, 2015, Vigo exporá un dos dez microscopios máis importantes da microbioloxía, Noticieirogalego, 15 July.

    Nogueira, A., 2015, Un médico vigués compra en internet uno de los microscopios más valiosos del mundo, Faro de Vigo: 8, 16, July. [See also online version.]

    Lago, Irene, 2015, producer of: Dr Tomás Camacho's Leeuwenhoek microscope with mayoral reception in Vigo, Spain. Localia Vigo TV, 16 July.

    Report, 2015, Microscopio histórico en Vigo, La Voz de Galicia: L7, 16 July.

    Suarez, R., 2015, La Gioconda de los microscopios, Atlantico: 8, 16 July.

    Report, 2015, Muestra del microscopio más antiguo del mundo, El Correo Gallego: 43, 16 July.

    Report, 2015, Tomás Camacho, director médico de Vithas Lab, adquiere el microscopio más antiguo del mundo, Vithas Hospital Report, 16 July.

    Report, 2015, Año Internacional de la Luz 2015, International Year of Light festival announcement, 19 August.

    Kleanthous, Colin, and Armitage, Judith P., 2015, cite Brian J Ford's Leeuwenhoek Legacy in The bacterial cell envelope, Philosophical Transactions B, 370, 1679, DOI: 10.1098/rstb.2015.0019, 15 September.

    [Bailey, Mark], 2015, Are Superfoods really Super? Men's Health UK magazine online, 16 September.

    Report, 2015, quotes Brian J Ford (from 7'00") in La lente que abrió los ojos al mundo, La Voz de Galicia television, 17 September.

    BJF, 2015, Brian J Ford describes his working Day, Cambridge News: 24, 13 October.

    BJF, 2015, Surprise of the Century — Three More Leeuwenhoek Microscopes, Microscopy Today, 23: 38-43. doi:10.1017/S1551929515000978.

    BJF, 2015, introduction to commemorative lecture for Sir Sam Edwards FRS, Cambridge Society for the Application of Research, Churchill College, Cambridge University, 1930h, 30 November.

    BJF, 2015, presentation to Cambridgeshire County Council on an digital timetable sign for Eastrea (Local Highway Improvement Inititative), March: County Hall, 1300h, 7 December.

    BJF, 2015, Recording Three Leeuwenhoek Microscopes, InFocus, Proceedings of the Royal Microscopical Society 40: 30-43, December 2015.

    BJF, 2015, Critical Focus No 23: Leeuwenhoek Microscopes, Mystery and Mischief, The Microscope 63 (3): 131-142, [published January 2016].

    [In press]:

    BJF, 2015, paper for on preliminary SEM studies of Leeuwenhoek microscope (in press for July).

    BJF, 2015, 2,000-word paper for USA (complete end June, due out in November 2015).

    BJF, 2015, 4,000-word paper for UK (complete end September, due out in December 2015).

    BJF, 2015, review of Marc J. Kuchner, Marketing for Scientists, 236 pp paperback, ISBN: 1-59726-994-8, Washington: Island Press [in] The Biologist.

    BJF, 2015, review of Frances Ashcroft, The Spark of Life, ISBN 978-1-840-14301-4, 339 pp, London: Allen Lane [in] The Biologist.

    BJF, 2015, Meat - the Story of our Greatest Addiction, Oxford: One World Books.

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