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     BSE in 2009 Japanese anthology       Future of Food (Lithuania)       Spanish edn               German edn  Institute Biology history (p/b)   Institute Biology history (h/b)  German Weapons, Japan  Secret Language (US) Future Food (US)   Future Food (UK)  UK paperback edn  Scientific Books  Encyclopaedia Britannica (microscopes) Genes (p/b)   Sensitive Souls (Polish, h/b) Sensitive Souls (German, h/b)  Sensitive Souls (UK, h/b)  Hooke CD   First Encyclopaedia (Italian)  Encyclopedia Britannica (images) Lithuanian edition BSE Facts  Leeuwenhoek (Fr)  Guinness Quiz  First Encyclopaedia (US, library) First Encyclopaedia (US, trade)   First Encyclopaedia (UK)  Human Body (US)  Images  Legacy  Human Body (Estonian)  Human Body (Italian)   Human Body (Norway)  Human Body (Bulg)  Human Body (Malaysian)  Human Body (Ger)  Human Body (Fr)  Human Body (UK)  Sex & Health (Span)   Yours Truly  Lensman manual  Walking in Wales  Food Book  Braille German edn Microbe Power (p/b, Jap)  Compute   Single Lens (Jap)  Sex & Health (Eng) WIDTH=  Single Lens (UK)  101 More   Cult (p/b)   101 Questions Experten Kult Viral pollution Cult h/b Microbe Power p/b, US Patterns of Sex Armas aliadas Alliierte Waffen (new edn) Armes secretes Microbe Power US  German Weapons (new German edn) Microbe Power US  German, Japan (new edn)  Microbe Power UK  Cardiff Book 1  Nonscience (span)  Allied Weapons (Pan books edn)  Revealing Lens  Optical Microscope (US)  Earth Watchers  Optical Microscope (UK)  German Weapons, Japan  German weapons (Pan edn)   Nonscience (eng)  Armas Secretas Armas Alemas  Duitslands Wapens  Geheime Waffen (another new edn) Deutschen Waffen (new edn)  Deutschen Waffen Microbiology & Food h/b  Science Diary, 1972  Microbiology & Food h/b  Field Manual (French)   Allied Weapons (new edn)   Allied Weapons UK Allied Weapons, Italian edition Allied Weapons US  Field Manual (English)  German Weapons (new edn)  German Weapons UK  German Weapons US  Science Diary, 1st edn.